Tracking Facebook Clicks to Amazon - It IS Possible!

. 2 min read

By Tom Murray | Managing Director, Agency

For years, Facebook marketers have wished that Amazon would one day allow the Facebook pixel to be placed on Amazon pages in order to understand the ROI driven from their campaigns to Amazon. Many advertisers would never even run ads to Amazon since they would be unable to track it, likely losing out on plenty of conversions. In addition, even if you weren’t driving ads to Amazon specifically, brands that sold both on their own eCommerce site and Amazon couldn’t see the impact that their ads were driving.

There is now however a way to do this – and automatically! It is called ZonTracker, and it was built by a marketer Yev Marusenko, who wanted to solve the problem. It is currently the only tool that does automatically, and can help show the impact your ads have on Amazon sales – both paid and organic!

By using the Facebook Offline Conversion API as well as the Amazon API, the tool is able to automatically pass back sales from Amazon into Facebook as a custom conversion into Ads Manager, so that way you can see your website sales and Amazon sales side by side!

The tool is a one-time set up for each account and will start tracking immediately! The tool is also quite reasonable priced at just $25 a month. If you are an Amazon seller, not having this tool is just not an option. It is a no-brainer addition to any reporting suite, and can help prove out the impact that Facebook is having on your Amazon sales.