3 Tips for Maximizing Performance for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

. 3 min read

Written by: Tom Murray | Managing Director, Agency

For eCommerce marketers, Dynamic Product Ads or DPAs for short, are some of the highest converting ads you can run on Facebook today. However, after having many clients leverage these and countless number of audits on other client’s DPA setup, it seems that most marketers do the bare minimum with these types of ads and are leaving money on the table.

Here are three quick tips that you can do to maximize your DPAs to drive maximum revenue for your brand.

Tip #1: Don’t Just Run to “All Products”
Too often do we see clients with 1,000s of products in their feed just run ads to all of their products at the same time. This causes ads to look pretty funny depending on the client, as you could have an ad for cereal, pencils, tupperware, and car wax all in the same ad. This means your ad copy will need to be quite evergreen and generic and really won’t stand out.

Instead of using all products, try different groups by creating custom logic in your DPA catalog feed. Common groupings would be “top sellers”, “sale items” or “new products”. In addition, you can create product groupings so that all home office products are together, while all grocery items are together. Then, you can have custom copy that matches the product set, making the ads that much more relevant.

Tip #2: Cross-Sell!
This is probably the least utilized tactic available for DPAs. Cross-selling is exactly what it sounds like, selling users who have already bought product X, ads for product Y. Often times when you have a brand that sells in multiple categories, users that buy products in two different categories tend to have a higher LTV than a single category buyer. Take beauty & cosmetics as an example. Many brands sell both hair care and makeup products, but tend to only promote makeup items to makeup purchasers and vice versa for hair care purchasers. It should be flipped, where you cross-sell makeup purchasers with hair care buyers, as they are already likely to re-buy the makeup, but may not even be aware of your hair care offering. If you can get someone to cross into another category, you’ll not only increase the average cart value and cart quantity in every purchase, but also increase the LTV of the customer in the long run.

Tip #3: Stand Out with Custom Skins and Overlays
DPAs, while they work, are quite a boring ad unit historically. A blank white background with a product, typically centered and that’s it. In a time where people scroll past 300 feet of content in their Facebook every day at a pace of 1 piece of content every 1.8 seconds on mobile, DPAs can do a bit better in terms of standing out.

Facebook has recently released new overlays, where you are able to layer a custom skin on top of the ads to stand out a bit more. This can allow you to include something such as “Holiday Sale” or any other text you desire or even adding your brand logo to the ads just to add some more branding and awareness into the ads. You can also play around with price overlays such as “25% Off”, by using the “sale” field in your feed to do this automatically based on whatever product is being shown in the feed.

There you have it, three quick tips to help improve your Facebook DPAs almost immediately. We typically see lifts of anywhere from 20% and up when making these changes, so what do you have to lose? Try one of them out today!