Using Data to Support New Creative Concepts

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Back in the day, advertising and marketing used to mainly focus in on creative messaging which heavily relied on evoking emotions and feelings. Currently, advertising and marketing heavily rely on the data that reinforces creative direction.

With a plethora of data resources, it is imperative to find a balance between creativity and the numbers. Almost all digital, especially social channels, provide enough first party data to give you a general idea of favorable campaign strategies.

Creative should not dictate all your marketing decisions, nor should data. It's all about synergy and how they can work together for the best results.

At Jump, we combine multiple data sources as well as our best in class media buyers and creative directors to derive insights on new creative concepts for our clients.

The Hack:

With Jump’s quarterly business review process, our media and creative teams are able to set time aside with their clients to present and discuss wins and learnings from the previous quarters new media and creative concepts.

A client of ours, in the DTC (Direct to Consumer) space, heavily realies on social platforms to acquire new customers, and as we know these platforms heavily rely on UGC (User Generated Content).

The media team launched an Instagram Story whitelisting campaign, with a preferred influencer partner, which consisted of :15 and :30 second “talking head” UGC videos.

  • Whitelisting is the process of an influencer granting a brand partner advertising permissions to their social media accounts. This allows brands to use the influencer’s handle for their ads.
  • The term talking head video refers to a video where a person directly addresses the camera or someone else.

Source Example: luciebfink IG

Key Takeaways:

*Note, the campaign tested :15 and :30 video spots.

  • The :15 shorter videos showed a 33% reduction in CPA vs. the :30 longer videos when served to prospecting audiences
  • CVR (in-platform) was VERY strong, coming in at 134%
  • “Talking head” ads continue to show promise, as does whitelisting under a content creator's handle
  • Expand this style of UGC with other creators, possibly reverse engineering their ads.
  • Since prospecting scale is the ultimate goal, new influencer creative should include multiple sub :15 clips.

One of the top benefits of user-generated content is that it serves as excellent social proof. Seeing content from real customers increases your credibility and brings your brand's promises into perspective and we have the data to support that.