The Effect of Paid Media on Organic Traffic

. 2 min read

Many advertisers wish to expand to other channels once they’ve cracked the code on their traditional platforms. But, they question, is it worth it? Will these new platforms drive results?

The answer is yes but maybe not in a way that is expected. While testing and learning in a new media channel, results can often be seen in other parts of the business.

According to a Nielsen study on average a brand can see 45% increase in organic search when launching a new campaign.

The effect of paid media on organic traffic has been proven time and time again to positively impact a brands overall awareness, recall and consideration.

The Hack:

When we began a partnership with a B2B client of ours, the client had not advertised much beyond the traditional digital media channels for the past couple of years (think Social, Search and a bit of Display).

Our team continued to drive excepetional results on these “traditional” channels while building out a carefully thought out strategy for channel expansion. Our media experts executed a series of net new campaigns (YouTube then Performance Max) with GA data in the clients accounts which had been compiled since inception!

When the new Youtube campaigns were launched the advertiser immediately saw a large spike in traffic but not only on this paid media channel. The spike in traffic could also be seen in overall organic traffic.

The significant spike in organic traffic seen after YouTube campaigns launched,  demonstrates that users who may have not converted or shown interest directly in the product were now going out and seeking out the brand to learn more.

The decrease in organic traffic can also been seen once the net new campaigns were put on hold. Overall, a strong correlation between paid media efforts and organic can be seen.