Optimize Your Search Campaigns With Day Bid Adjustments

. 2 min read

by Ana Bedoya and Chad Edelblum

One Adwords function that Jump uses to eliminate wasted spend for clients is day bid adjustments.

The Ad Schedule option lets advertisers schedule their ads by how they are performing or based on when their business is operational. This feature saves the ads from running incessantly without contributing in driving results. Deciding when your ad is served is just as important as your ad’s content.

For a client of ours that defines conversions as securing a call with their sales team, we saw an 8% decrease in the cost per call and a 125% increase in overall calls received by applying time of day bid adjustments.

The Hack:

To get started, we give two options for generating conversion reports that will show you each day’s performance and what time of day your target audience converted the most.

Adwords Report

  • This report lets you view statistics by hour of the day (00:00/12:00 AM -23:00/11:00 PM) and by day of the week (0/Sunday - 6/Saturday) based on the time-zone settings for the relevant view.
  • The key to these reports is to include enough data for your report to be statistically significant, this could mean going back to the past 3 months worth of data.

Optmyzr Report

  • The Hour of the Week Bidder recommends time-based bid adjustments based on the performance of KPIs.
  • The tool groups campaigns into Ad Schedule Groups. Each group has campaigns that have the same day-parting settings which means that they have the same ad schedules and bid adjustments.
  • Our media buyers also add labels to campaigns that are location based to help pick out which campaigns should go together.
*For example, if the time slot 4:00 - 6:00 am doesn't have enough data we'll look at the performance of time slots adjacent to this (2:00 - 4:00 am and 6:00 - 8:00 am) to make a recommendation.

If your business has operational hours or days, then you might want to reduce your bids during that time or day. Similarly there might be rush hours in a day when you observe maximum, for that time period you could increase your bids to show more of your ads.

Once you start seeing traction, you can decide accordingly whether you wish to increase or decrease bids for the time and day when it's served.

For instance, if you observe that your ads are at its peak during the afternoon time then you can increase the bids to serve your ads more often then.

Similarly, if you find that your ads don’t drive any clicks or conversions in the night, then you can reduce the bids then.