November 2022 Jump Analytics Paid Media Benchmarks Report

. 2 min read

Key Trends

● Meta CPMs went down MoM, but were still up 32% YoY as advertisers still relied on it to be their number one acquisition channel during the holiday season

● CPCs across Google Shopping, Performance Max, and YouTube all increased MoM as consumers flocked for holiday deals

● Sales on Black Friday hit an all-time high as users had a strong appetite for offers, indicated by the MoM and YoY gain in CTR.

● Advertisers offering aggressive discounts to alleviate inventory backup was a contributor here

What to Watch For

● CPMs to cool off for the first two weeks in December as advertisers transition out of Cyber week & begin prepping for Holiday push

● Bigger push post-holidays starting 12/26 for gift card offers & New Year's campaigns for prime verticals such as fitness, health & wellness, and finance

● New updates to Meta reporting such as the return of conversion reporting in breakdowns & the ability to break out ASC campaigns by new or returning customers

● Some ACi campaigns for iOS apps on YouTube traffic saw a large drop in delivery between November 15-22, 2022 related to a platform issue that has since been resolved

● Many channels will likely see a drop in CPMs and CPCs post-Christmas for a short period of time which are expected to increase again in the new year for verticals associated with new years resolutions such as health & wellness