Jump 450 Places #3 on Ad Age List of Best Places to Work 2020

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Jump 450, the highest paying performance marketing agency in America, today announced that it has been selected by Ad Age for its exclusive list of Best Places to Work 2020.

Jump 450, based in New York City, is a high-growth digital performance marketing agency that has seen rapid growth of over 250% over the past year. They have more than doubled their staff in the past year and expanded their resources to scalably grow their client's businesses. Jump 450's workplace culture, office environment, employee development approach, team engagement, perks, and benefits were part of the criteria that led to Ad Age's selection.

The lucrative employee compensation model at Jump 450 is perhaps one of the company's most compelling features–one that incentivizes its team to drive meaningful returns for its clients. The company offers uncapped compensation for employees by sharing ~50 percent of top-line revenues with the team each month. On average, their media buyers make 400% higher than the average media buyer in the country. This work environment has created a triangle of alignment between company management, its employees, and its clients; resulting in Jump 450's clients always having the most skilled and coveted talent working on their accounts across their unique disciplines.

Shaun Sheikh, CEO and Co-Founder, says, "We saw that the traditional agency model does not align incentives between agency employees and brands. Employees are constantly underpaid, overworked, and not utilized for their most valuable skills. This results in employee churn (brain drain) and client performance suffers. We wanted to create a compensation model that truly rewards its employees to produce the best work."

Diversity and inclusion is a big part of the corporate culture at Jump 450. For the 16 new hires who became "Jumpers" over the past year, the company conducted over 1,000 interviews, and had an acceptance rate of less than 2%, making it a highly exclusive environment comprised of the top digital marketing talent in the country. In addition, more than half of all interviewees were female applicants. Jump 450 is an LGBTQ-friendly company that has achieved 33 percent ethnic diversity in its employee roster.

Jump 450 has achieved an employee retention rate of 97%, which is not surprising when you consider the company's employee perks, benefits, and strong workplace culture. The workday at Jump 450 starts with a catered omelette bar breakfast, and other perks include free snacks, weekly company lunches, and half-day Fridays. The company cares about each employee's physical health by providing gym subsidies, in-office massages, and competitive health insurance benefits. It also places a lot of attention on employees' mental and spiritual health, supporting them with mental health counseling, in-office meditations, and mindfulness practices.

Other benefits that create an above-average work environment for "Jumpers" include paid time off and company retreats. Employees enjoy the annual Jump 450 retreats, flexible work hours, work from home opportunities and company volunteer events.

Tom Murray, the Managing Director of the agency says "Having worked at some of the largest agencies in the world, I am constantly amazed by how much this company cares about their employees and truly puts them first. The founders take real-time feedback about the office and make changes sometimes on the same day to ensure that our employees have everything they need in order to succeed. Their care for employee well-being is unmatched and it has led to a work environment that is positive, optimistic, and thriving."

Jump 450's employee revenue sharing model firmly positions it as a leading digital marketing agency heading into 2020. While other agencies struggle to deploy the right human capital or the right technologies to serve their clients, Jump 450 has proven that its unique compensation model bridges those gaps successfully. In previous years, the company spent over $60 million of its own money to generate $250 million in e-commerce sales before launching its own performance marketing agency to maximize ROI for its clients. They have sustained their performance DNA and have pointed their remarkable capabilities toward hyperscaling companies to uncharted levels.

By embracing new digital technologies to benefit its clients, alongside its dedication to employee development and engagement, Jump 450 placed 3rd on Ad Age's Best Places to Work 2020.

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