Improving Conversion Rates (CVR)

. 2 min read

Various factors determine the success of your ad campaigns. Your conversion rate (CVR), for example, is the best way to measure consumer interaction. CVR is calculated based on what you consider an important KPI – such as a lead or a sale. Industry-wide, the average AdWords CVR is only 2.35%. Our job as marketers is to persuade consumers to click our ads and prompt some sort of conversion action. What we need to understand is what we are tracking and how to bring in more qualified leads. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective methods for improving CVR.

Identifying what it is you consider a conversion is the first step in the process. As we touched on before, conversions can be leads or sales. Figuring out what brings you a larger return on ad spend (ROAS) will tell you how to go about conversion tracking. Once your tracking is in place, we can start to focus on bringing in better conversion rates.

Quality Score is going to be the most significant factor in your ad’s performance. Quality score consists of ad relevance, landing page experience, and expected click-through-rate. The more we improve your quality score, the better your conversion rates will be. There are many ways to make this happen but focusing on quality and relevant ads for your target audience usually works best.

Organized, granular ad groups that are specific to your keywords will help improve Q.S. Try to avoid grouping keywords into broad ad groups. You want to be as detailed as possible without losing the integrity of your keywords. The quality of your ad copy can influence your conversion rate as well. It would therefore be wise to test different variations of ad copy to see which type triggers the highest consumer response. It’s a safe bet to test for about 3 months before making any decisions on what statistically works best.

Landing page experience plays a huge role as well. Eye catching visual content, well tested CTA, solid user experience, and being responsive across all devices are typically the most important factors in regards to calculating CVR. If your search ads are linked to a URL that may be misleading or slightly vague, this can cause a problem for Q.S. Make sure that each ad is set with the appropriate URL for best results.

These are just a few of the many metrics to take into consideration when trying to improve your account’s conversion rate. Remember that tracking CVR is crucial for determining the success of your ad campaigns. The higher the CVR , the more new business you will bring in and the better your overall performance will be.