Client Spotlight: Ally Young | Head of Marketing at Daily Burn

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Jump 450 Media’s Client Spotlight features an interview with one our amazing clients. In this series, clients share some of the reasons why they chose marketing or the brands that they work for, as well as share some interesting facts about themselves! We are proud to be partnered with each and every one of them!

**Ally Young is currently the Head of Marketing at Daily Burn Apps.

How did you find the brand you currently work for?
“I’ve always been interested in products or services that help people feel better about themselves.  As a fitness enthusiast and after roles in Financial services I was looking to work somewhere that had a more human connection.  I was thrilled to be invited to join Daily Burn by someone I consider a mentor and continue to be inspired by our members achievements every day.”

**What excites you about the future of your brand?
**“The fitness landscape is ever evolving especially with wearables, new devices and new fitness trends.  As a leading provider of premium fitness video content we have the ability to truly meet our members wherever they are in their fitness journey and on any platform.”

**What other field would you go in, if you didn’t go into marketing?
**“I nerd out on ancient civilizations (Fun fact:  I took 11 years of Latin), history, archaeology and photography.  I would have loved to be a photojournalist.”

**What is your favorite ad campaign of all time?
**“The iPod launch campaign.  It was so simple and yet so engaging and effortlessly cool.”

**What do you think is most important and why, creative, targeting, landing page or data?
**“Data, data, data.  Data informs most of what I do – what workouts are members doing, what are new members looking for, how do they want to be reached, are there new audiences we can reach, new creative concepts that resonate with different user groups, where can we improve conversion and retention. ”

**What is your favorite part of your job?
**“I love reading our member success stories and seeing our members and trainers encouraging one another every day in our community group.”

**What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
**“You are the only person who can truly manage your career.  Seek as much advice as possible but always go with your heart.”

**What’s the best advice you could give to someone in a similar role at another company?
**“Don’t be afraid to change industries or go wider in Marketing.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have both brand, performance and loyalty marketing experience and to have worked across 11 different industry verticals.  Each experience taught me something new and made me a better and more strategic marketer.”