Capture Your Audience with the Proper Creative

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One of the strongest tools a marketer has is their creative but most importantly is knowing how to use it correctly. A brands marketing funnel varies based on initiative but one thing remains constant, at every stage the customer should be treated differently.  

Prospecting (upper funnel) and Retargeting (lower funnel) serve different purposes and should be treated as such. Know the right creative and messaging to use for these two stages could be the key to success.

We’ve cracked the code but we see that 3 out of 5 new clients aren’t approaching it correctly and using the same creative for both initiatives.


Propsecting vs. Retargeting

Prospecting- The act of going after an audience that is compromised of people who have never interacted with your brand before. Prospecting can be one of the very first steps in a marketers sales process, identifying them as a potential customer is key to getting them inot your sales funnel.

Retargeting- Going after consumers who are familiar with your brand, may already have familiarity of your products, interacted with an ad or even visited your website. The goal with retargeting is to bring these engaged users back to your brand to complete a conversion or purchase.

The Hack:

At Jump, we are in the business of finding arbitrage. When we buy data from Facebook, we need to be able to use that data to inform what creatives are being seen by all types of audiences.

The best performing prospecting and retargeting ads should use different tactics to push users further down the funnel.

For Prospecting:

  • Shorter and direct copy
  • Convey value where possible and align to brand voice
  • Promos and sales are great tools to entice first-time customers
  • Align messaging to specific ad set targeting so you can speak to the specific pain points/interests of your audience

For Retargeting:

  • Be memorable, friendly, and have personality
  • This audience is already familiar with your brand, so keep this in mind when creating messaging and ad creative
  • Leverage different forms of content, CTAs, and messaging to test how you can further guide your audience down the funnel

Overall, creative needs to be targeted differently to these two pools of audiences. Use the information you have gained from top of funnel to bottom of funnel (they watched a % of videos, visited the site, added to cart, purchased, etc.) in order to finally convince a purchase or repurchase.