August 2022 Jump Analytics Paid Media Benchmarks Report

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Our August 2022 Jump Analytics Paid Media Benchmarks Report is now out! This report encompasses hundreds of millions of dollars of spend, clicks, and impressions over the past year across all Jump clients and verticals. This report delivered monthly showcases the CPC, CTR, & CPM trends over the past month, quarter, and year.

August 2022 Insights

Key Trends

● Facebook CPC’s hovering in the $2 range for the last 6 months

● Search & Shopping CTRs rose in August while CPCs fell indicating a healthy buying opportunity

● Google UAC CPMs slowly continue to rise over time

What to Watch For

● Performance Max adoption & improvements

● Facebook CPCs & CPMs as we move closer to holiday

● TikTok’s share of Social budgets

Early Holiday Strategy Tips

● Holiday campaigns approaching fast → figure out your offers, key products, and schedule NOW

● Prepare for holiday with smart inventory purchasing + extending credit terms to push out payment dates so you don’t go out of stock or worry about cash flow

● Build remarketing lists & excitement early to ensure you can reach shoppers when they are ready to buy during the holidays